Glass or Wood – What Must You Buy from Furniture Stores DC

Glass or Wood – What Must You Buy from Furniture Stores DC

This time, the contest in furniture stores in Northern Virginia is between traditional wisdom and modern inspiration. When it comes to dining table decor, the vexed question that puzzles most of us is regarding the material that is to be chosen. Glass provides a ‘crystal clear’ style while wood gives an ‘earthen’ elegance. In both the cases, the fight is always for the table. The chairs are mostly made of wood or wood with stainless steel or other metal. However, the table is what we lay our eyes on. Keeping this in mind, the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Store has a multitude of options that will amaze you to the core. However, here too, you will be finding a conflict in your mind for buying the tables. As the store has beautiful designs for both glass and wood tables, it is quite difficult to choose. Therefore, we bring a brief summary for both the materials, in order to facilitate better buying decision at the Washington DC furniture stores. If you need more information on Furniture Stores, we encourage you to visit

Popular products of Washington DC furniture stores:

furniture stores Washington DC Wooden Dining Table- The safest and the best option for buying dining tables is obviously wood. It is quite durable and long lasting and is also available in different varieties and carvings. You must generally get oak dining tables from furniture stores Washington DC if you want to make the best bet. The colors for the table also swing between light brownish pink to dark chocolate brown. Therefore, the choices are many. Hardwood is generally more elegant but is costlier than other options. All in all, finding a good wooden dining table from the furniture stores in Washington DC is almost like a dream come true. You will be getting a companion for many years with a simple investment.

Glass Dining Table- The latest trend for dining tables is glass. Many of the northern Virginia furniture stores keep a wide variety of such tables. The tables are available in clear glass, frosted glass and compact glass. It is always better to buy frosted glass dining tables as they are sturdier and will be able to carry more weight than ordinary clear glass. These tables are quite thick and are generally used with modern style chairs. If the users buy a square or rectangle dining table with deep black/grey shades or creamy white leather, the glass tables look more beautiful and get complemented by the sleekness of the chairs.

It is a close call between the two. If you are not sure of what to buy from the furniture stores in Chantilly VA then you must look back at the other elements of your home decor. If you have a very spacious and modernized interior and other furniture in the house is also complementing the same look, then going for glass is a good idea. However, if you have most of the furniture made of wood and has been giving a bold look to all other elements, then going for a wood dining table would be better. If you are still confused on what to buy, you can go to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores and check out their collection. You will be able to decide better when you have a look at all the furniture in real time.

How To Chose The Best Dining Table from Furniture Stores In Jacksonville NC

How To Chose The Best Dining Table from Furniture Stores In Jacksonville NC

No matter how much time and efforts you put in to buying furniture for your living room and your bedroom, you will only be satisfied when the dining table is beautiful. Furniture stores in Jacksonville NC has a huge variety of dining room furniture for the customers. However, we have found the best kind of furniture in Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores. Their collection is par excellence and they also have a great sales staff that helps the customers in finding the right furniture according to their wishes and their demands. Therefore, buying stuff from here is quite a great idea. Here is a quick guide from us that would help you buy the best dining furniture from Atlantic Bedding and Furniture. Please visit to know more about what we have to offer.

Beautiful Furniture stores in Jacksonville NC

Furniture stores in Jacksonville NCThe fundamentals- Before you buy furniture for your dining area; you must first start taking the measurements. Though it may sound to be very old school and tedious task, it will save you from a lot of confusion when you actually go and buy the furniture. It is important to make sure that the measurements are always accurate. Now, it is time for you to pay attention to minute details like the seating capacity, the empty space for moving around the dining table, the number of chairs to be placed etc. Later, when you go to furniture fair Jacksonville NC you will be greatly helped by these fundamentals.

Go to a good furniture store- This is one of the most important things to do. You must always make sure that you go to quality furniture stores Jacksonville NC. Finding a good vendor will eliminate half of your worries. Plus, you will also be in a better condition to explain what you want to the sales. Additionally, you will be feeling more comfortable in browsing through the dining table sets placed on display in the furniture stores.

Pay attention to the material of the dining furniture– It is always a safe bet to choose a dining set made of wood. Oak is the best wood to be used for dining tables. You will find elegance, durability and a lot of style quotient with these dining sets. However, glass dining tables are also being liked a lot by the people. Whatever you chose, just make sure that the quality factor comes to play and you get value for the money you are paying for furniture Jacksonville NC.

To ‘Set’ or not to set- It is quite difficult to choose between these two options. For an average homeowner who would love to buy a dining table and chairs that go well along with his home decor and last really long, buying a dining set would be a better option. However, for the more adventurous and experimental buys, buying separate chairs and tables furniture in Jacksonville NC would be better. You will be able to mix and match different styles and create customized dining sets for your sets. Any of the options are great and all that you need is available at the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture Stores.

Traditional Dining Room Table Styles

Traditional Dining Room Table Styles

The traditional dining table style mimic hand-carved dining furniture masterpiece that defines the industry during past centuries. Generally, traditional dining sets are generously sized and are durable.

There is no such room in your home which is ideal to show hospitality to your guests than your dining room. It can be friends, family or even first-time visitors. Everybody that spends time within this room should feel comfortable and invited. At the end, a true measure about any good dining space is in the satisfaction which it gives to anyone that has had the chance to experience it. If you want to plan about how to give your dining space a perfect touch, then you will need to understand about what goes into making it a nice one depending on the basic types.

Traditional Dining Table Styles

61When you decorate your house, several people wish to recreate the cozy feel they remember while they were growing up. The Atlantic bedding furniture is a good place to get such dining tables and recreate this feeling. Several people will notice that the traditional dining space happens to be the primary step to create this mood. Sitting near the expansive wood dining table sparks memories of family meal of yester years. The place setting of the dining table also helps reinforce this feeling. If family stemware and china has been passed on to next generation, selecting the traditional dining set happens to be the perfect sense.

The mattress stores Richmond VA traditional dining table is made up of dining table which is decorated using heavily ornate detail such as carving on table legs and edges. The chairs can have the certain details that match the dining table. A unique feature of the traditional dining table furniture is its attempt to imitate or mimic hand-carved dining furniture masterpiece that defines the industry during past centuries. Generally, traditional dining sets are often bulky and generously sized. Dining set chairs may complement traditional dining tables in several ways. Windsor style chair is always a famous bet with traditional style of the dining table. Visit for more information

Traditional style chair does not happen to be the only choice. Chairs that have finish similar to the dining table may also be utilized to good effect. If you have two chairs having arms and rest like straight-backed chair can even be set using traditional dining table tone. The airy and light conservatory type dining room styling involves bringing all outdoors to the inside. You can get fantastic and natural light that overlooks your garden. Select the traditional style iron dining table for afternoon teas, vintage, having an antique laced table cloth with pretty table wares. You can also opt for traditional dining tables with nature-inspired look.

Antique dining tables and their maintenance

Antique dining tables and their maintenance

Antique furniture has been crafted to last for centuries. Any piece of furniture lasting over a hundred years old is called an antique. Oak and cherry hand crafted dining tables come in many styles and are sure to add an extra bit of class to any dining room. One should also be aware of basic knowledge for maintenance and care for such furniture.

There are many styles of antique dining tables classified mostly according to the period in which they were crafted. Over the centuries craftsmanship was governed by the styles of that period. In countries such as England furnishing was depicted according to the ruling monarchy of those times. Thus we have Georgian furniture, or Edwardian and Victorian furniture.

75Most antique dining tables are made from solid hard wood like cherry, oak, pine Mahogany and teak. Cherry and mahogany furniture are characteristic of their warm dark shades having a reddish tint due to the biological features of the wood. Oakwood Victorian furniture is elaborate in carving and excellent finishing; Teakwood furniture is resilient in nature due to the natural presence of the oils in the wood which keeps it long lasting and permanent. Teak is heavy wood and has been used extensively in the Victorian age. An interesting feature of antique dining tables is the fact that most of them have been hand carved and hand crafted giving.

Just as age makes antique dining tables valuable, age also causes furniture to deteriorate slowly if not taken care of. Damaging agents like sunlight, dust, mold, dampness, can ultimately disfigure the glaze and sheen of a table. Usually most antique tables due to the natural features of the wood, withstand stains well. Even spilt liquid and food do not cause much damage. However, too much of anything, without some care, is definitely going to damage your lovely table.

The first rule in the book towards maintenance of your table is respect. A lot of people have a misconception of the fact that since the table is an antique made from solid wood it can withstand any amount of damaging agents. That is not true. A Table should be always cleaned dry after use. An Important factor is the usage of cleaning agents. One should always use a good branded cleaning agent meant specifically for antique furniture. Using just about any ordinary cleaner may end up harmful for your antique table. The best way to keep your table clean and well maintained is to dust it and then clean it with a piece of soft cloth. Keep the table in an area which is free from sunlight because ultraviolet rays can affect the wood.

The polish on any antique table tends to fade with time. In this case it is advisable to hire the services of a professional who deals in polishing and lacquering of antique furniture. Regular polishing of your table will ensure its longevity as well as retain its shine and finish. Following these basic rules will keep your antique table looking as classy as ever.

How Should You Buy Glass Dining Table?

How Should You Buy Glass Dining Table?

Glass dining table is appealing. It is available in various shapes and sizes. It is used in both domestic and commercial places. You must maintain glass furniture using good cleaners, etc.

74Dining furniture is meant to enhance the look of the dining space in a house. This is a place where friends and family members can sit to enjoy delicious food. A dining table made of glass are appealing furniture to decorate your home. Glass furniture has a dazzling look and feel. Glass dining tables are seen in attractive colors such as cream, milky white, black and more. Nowadays people do not prefer buying tables manufactured using plain glass. They also expect attractive artwork and painting over their glass table’s surface. Keeping this in view, manufacturers have begun making different dining tables of different shapes.

Glass Dining Table and its Maintenance

The glass dining table is available in round, elliptical, square and many other shapes. The glass table’s frame is generally manufactured in wood. Several glass tables even have iron or steel frames. A glass dining table with steel frames is long lasting. Its durability even depends on various factors like thickness of the glass, glass types, maintenance of glass furniture and others. Glass dining table set is not just meant for only drinking or eating. You may study office documents and also use it to converse with your family members or friends. You can buy glass furniture as per the décor of the dining room.

The kind of furniture placed within your house depicts your fashion tastes i.e. traditional or ultramodern. A glass table having diamond color is ideal for a dining room with white tiles or marble. The glass table and chair are even used at commercial places such as hotels and restaurants. Restaurant owners usually keep many small sized eatery tables in their restaurants. This restaurant furniture can be used by small group of people. In several office canteens, dining table is approximately 18 inch x 18 inch in size to accommodate a big group. Adequate care needs to be taken for the maintenance of the glass furniture.

Glass furniture happens to be breakable and can break down easily by improper handling. You must not drag cutlery or place sharp objects over glass dining table. The glass table surface must be cleaned before as well as after each meal. Glass Furniture also gets scratches or stains on its surface area. Hence, you must buy reliable cleaners or use vinegar glass cleaner and domestic water rub off the old stain visible over your dining table easily. The glass dining set surface may be cared utilizing a soft, lint-free, cloth regularly. A feather duster can also be used. Glass dining set may be sparkling and streak free.

How to Keep Dining Table in Good Condition?

How to Keep Dining Table in Good Condition?

There are different types of dining table such as wooden, glass, marble, etc. The dining table needs to be kept in good condition to ensure durability. Different kinds of dining table need different kind of care.

73Dining room happens to be an area where you can spend good time along with your friends and family when you get together to eat. You may enhance the appearance of dining area if you select a dining table of your preference and choice. Food remnants, over usage, etc. can render your dining set unattractive. Any table can lose its shine over a certain time frame and starts appearing dull. Special care and maintenance is needed to maintain its new and fresh look for quite some time. You may maintain its glossy exterior longer by utilizing correct cleaning techniques. However, similar cleaning techniques cannot be utilized for every type of table set.

Keeping Dining Table in Good Condition

You invested a good sum to get a nice quality dining set, and you surely wish to keep it appearing new. There are different styles, materials and designs of dining tables. Keeping them in good shape needs an understanding about their make. Wooden dining table care must be taken by keeping your dining table away from direct sunlight. This prevents the oil finishing of your dining table from getting evaporated and maintains the surface luster. Make sure to always keep it aside from air conditioning and heating outlets. Also, your table must be protected from scratches, spills or heat by utilizing table pads, placements or table cloths.

Do not put hot objects on the dining table directly. Regularly dust the dining table with some soft dry or damp cloth. Immediately clean up all liquid spills to prevent your dining table from absorbing them up. To keep up the integrity of joints, avoid pulling your table. The surface of a glass dining table can be cared using a lint-free, soft cloth regularly. Some feather duster may even be used. However, be cautious not to leave scratches on the table. Use reliable cleaner or domestic water and vinegar cleaner in order to keep glass dining table streak free and sparkling. Do not pull cutlery or keep other sharp things on the glass dining table.

A marble dining table can be cared using a good quality sealer in order to seal your marble table if required. You must seal at least once in a year. Protect the marble surface during meal times using place mats, table cloths and table pads. Use a soft cloth piece and warm water to clean marble surface on a daily basis. Wipe off the spills immediately for preventing dulling and staining of the surface finish of the marble dining set. These are some basic measures to take proper care of your primary dining furniture. You follow these suggestions closely to get best results from them.

Why to Go for French Styled Dining Tables?

Why to Go for French Styled Dining Tables?

French dining table come in a variety of styles. They give your home a much needed luxurious appeal. You can opt for nix and match chairs for your French styled dining table.

72When it concerns a dining room all of us like to impress. It can be a special event or some dinner party; your dining furniture may break or make any event. Selecting the correct dining chairs and table is important to get relaxed ambiance. It also makes your interior very stunning. There are many styles in the market. Sometimes it is tough to exactly pin point the one most suitable for your house. French dining furniture is getting more popular these days. It really looks exceptional in right settings. The highly popular design in French dining furniture is chairs and tables painted in antique white.

Options in French Styled Dining Tables

Fortunately the French pieces have the capability to get easily matched to other furniture. They are ideal for any house. Typical feature includes carefully chosen distressing marks etched finely in wooden carvings that are running throughout. These are often more elaborate furniture. They are the center piece of a dining room. They ultimately gather most attention from the guests. When it comes to chair, you possess the freedom to match and mix with the white antique tables. Opting for same styled chairs looks lovely. However, to get a far bolder look, you can select a waxed oak or rattan arrangement.

People that are keen to have dining chairs and tables with a dash of luxury, the French styled design surely delivers on every level. You can go for different finishes inclusive of waxed, natural and also weathered. Each has its own rustic look and character and seems fantastic with same styled dining chair. French dining table featuring two-tone colors like black legs or glossed wood tops are also commonplace. Dining table leg with this kind of luxury is often etched wonderfully by means of slender and long shapes. These are also very sturdy, though they may appear unstable at first.

French styled dining table is made from good quality material like cherry wood. You can feel the difference instantly. You can also choose chairs having gorgeous lavish upholstery and wooden veneers. Raw silks and velvets do French dining tables justice. Additionally, dining chair of this kind can have good, carved detailing. Both standard and subtle styles suit your dining table. Whichever dining table and chair you prefer to buy, all suit beautifully. The French dining table can create the perfect setting for the homes. Hence, go and select an elegant French dining table set as a perfect dining occasion waits you.

Mahogany Dining Table Styles!

Mahogany Dining Table Styles!

Mahogany is considered the best kind of wood due to its beauty and other qualities. It provides a regal effect to dining room tables. Classic royal styles or urban ornate styles of mahogany tables with different shapes and sizes are in demand.

71A dining room is the most favorite place in a home where people gather together and savor food and the spirit of life. It is as important to create an instantly likable dining room décor as it is to create a comfortable, hygienic and productive kitchen décor. A dining room table forms the most integral and essential part of a dining room décor. Comfortable and adequate seating, appropriate and sufficient space on table is what one looks for in a dining table. While one wants all these features in a table they also want it to be suitable for the size of the dining room while not eating up most of the moving space.

Mahogany dining table styles:

Mahogany furniture is instantly likable due to its rich brilliant color, no knots sophisticated look, fine grain aesthetics and durability along with its resistance capacity towards decay, insects, and moisture. These are the reasons many chose mahogany over other types of woods as a material of their furniture. Mahogany armoires and dining tables are considered excellent investments.

Antique mahogany dining table employ simple-line styles rather than using overtly ornate styles of construction. The oval shaped antique dining tables that have legs tapering out gracefully imitating tree branches are quite famous. The classic Queen Anne style dining chairs that have flat posted three curved backrests and slightly curved legs are considered a great collection.

Round Pedestal dining room tables made of mahogany feature round wooden tops that have a thick single base. More contemporary styles of mahogany dining room tables have open framed wooden base that support a glass top. The wooden bases have intricate design patterns which create a beautiful effect when soon through the transparent glass tops. However, most mahogany dining tables manufactured today are still made employing classic styles as they are more in demand. Since mahogany tables are extending oval shaped, large tables to accommodate more people bear the same attractive look as a small table typically used for a nuclear family.

Maintenance tips:

Keeping it clean regularly is the most effective way to care for your mahogany furniture. Get a wax cleaning done for your dining table once every month. Cleaning your mahogany dining room table with a standard cleaner or table wax will resist build-up of corrosive substance on your indoor furniture. It is an inexpensive way to warranty the prolonged beauty of your mahogany dining room table.

Why to Opt for Teak Dining Table?

Why to Opt for Teak Dining Table?

Teak dining table has a royal appeal. Its natural properties make it strong and durable. It even gets more beautiful as it ages. It is very easy to maintain as well.

70Creating an ideal dining space can be challenging. Setting the correct atmosphere for some friends or for an intimate gathering or hosting some gala events for your family requires functionality and imagination. Teak wood happens to be the best choice for this furniture setting. The teak dining furniture provides you the versatility to make an environment guaranteed to be suitable for any occasion. Its grace and stability even in the face of what is not always an ideal condition, makes teak an ultimate dining table material. It can be used to create durable, quality products that can generate the correct ambiance to entertain successfully.

Why to go for Teak Dining Table?

Teak wood has natural properties that include resistance to weather. This means it will never degrade if it is left out to the elements. It is rot resistant and water repellent. Hence, it will never warp, splinter or crack even as years pass by. When other materials can breakdown, even after several years, a high-quality teak dining furniture will remain just as sturdy as it was when it was crafted first. Teak has proved itself to be reliable wood that can be worked easily and is appreciated very much by artisans working with it. Natural oils within teak are one of the other factors which give it golden hues.

Untreated teak fades to glorious grey over times. Teak may be sealed or stained to get a different feel. However, if left to itself, the aged appeal of teak is very attractive. Left untreated or stained, teak dining table will remain strong, and handles any kind of entertaining you wish to do. Teak dining table comes in an array of sizes and styles, from round small dining tables to big rectangular dining tables. Matching teak chair complements whatever teak table you opt for. A teak dining table is a perfect solution for creating any intimate setting for any festive celebration.

Teak dining table, chair and other accessories of teak is easy to buy as there is an extensive variety of teak items currently available at all online retailers. You can locate just the correct dining table set for your home from the comforts of your house. It can also be easily delivered at your doorstep. You can confidently add teak dining table set to your garden or patio also for any celebration as it is an investment which can last for decades. It is also magnificently attractive, is an envy of your friends and it is also easy to get a beautifully made teak dining table.

Dining Room Style- Finding and Caring For It

Dining Room Style- Finding and Caring For It

69Dining tables come in different styles that you can choose depending on the size of the room, the number you want seated and your personal tastes. Some dining room styles include no-frills, farm, extending, rustic, salvage-wood, round, square, rectangle, counter-height, glass-top and marble-top. Regardless of the table style, you should care for it by cleaning and polishing it to extend its lifespan.

A dining table is the most important part of a dining room considering that it brings families and friends together over food. Hence, you must buy a dining table that is of the perfect style depending on the room size, the number to be seated and your personal tastes. Indeed, more than the former, it is your personality that will affect the style of the dining table you buy.

Finding the right Dining Table Style

If you are a minimalist, opt for no-frills tables in basic wood that can seat six to eight and are easy to clean. If your house is always filled with guests, have an extending wooden table style so that you can accommodate more people when needed. Farm style dining table is the best if you like rustic furniture. You can even choose the salvaged-wood style to suit your bucolic needs, but beware both these can be pricey and demand considerable care. On the other hand, if you are a modern homemaker, a table with clean lines and glass top is for you as it is easy to maintain.

A family that sticks to the tradition of eating together should consider a round table style that conserves space and seats more. You can even give these round tables a twist by glass-topping them and pairing them with modern chairs. The round table is also perfect for the mid-century lovers in its marble top form that is quite within financial reach.

If your dining room is long and narrow, choose a rectangular table, either with sharp or rounded edges. If it is just the two of you dining, have a square table style that can be pushed against the wall to save space. Finally, if you are a nightlife lover, pick counter-height tables that can give you a lounge-like feeling right at home.

Caring For Your Dining Table Style

No matter which style you opt for, care for your dining tables to prolong their lifespan. Paint and polish rustic, salvage-wood or wooden furniture in round, rectangle or square styles regularly to prevent chipping. Wash such tables with mild soaps to remove stains and spills. Similarly, clean marble-top tables with mild soap, but strictly use glass cleaners to make glass-top tables shine.

Regardless of the material of the table, use table-cloths and placemats to prevent stains, scratches and water rings. If you care for you dining table in this manner, rest assured that it will bring your family together for a long time to come!

Contemporary Dining Room Table Styles

Contemporary Dining Room Table Styles

Contemporary dining table is available in many varieties. You can also opt to have the dining table custom made. This ensures you leave a personal touch to the dining table.

68There are many varieties of contemporary dining tables. Among them, the highly popular style happens to be round pedestal dining table. They are made to suit smaller rooms. They are designed for seating six or lesser people. Many have got a leaf which can expand this table by nearly eighteen inches for seating two more people at least. The pedestal over these tables expands as well by means of a plain wheel leg. It holds the center of this table up. They give an antique appeal to the dining room. They usually have got an apron carved round the outer edges of its surface.

A Look at Contemporary Dining Room Table Styles

There are many makers of dining table furniture who take custom order for this type of furniture. You can also specifically ask to mark your ownership of your dining tables by having your initials carved over the furniture. Oak is an ideal choice for contemporary furniture. Oak dining tables are preferred over its other counterpart as the material happens to be durable, sturdy. It can be carved intricately with a sophisticated design that gives a contemporary feel to it. Since such dining table happens to be more impressive because of its refined look, several people prefer buying contemporary dining table for their homes.

Contemporary dining furniture may be displayed anywhere. It can also match every kind of interior design and home furniture in a room. Big families may buy oak dining furniture having a large number of seats. The seats can go up to 16-seater dining chairs. If needed, more room can be made for large number of people since it can also be custom-made. The oak dining table possesses an elegance that is embellished with contemporary design that allows it to stand apart from all other home furniture. Contemporary furniture can also attract guests at family gatherings even it just keeps laying at a spot.

Oak furniture is best for contemporary furniture as it works like a blank canvas. It gives you a chance to be creative with colors and accessories. It is good to get it done custom made. You can specify your style and your personal opinion on the type and make of a dining table that you want to display at your homes. The oak wood furniture happens to be a superb choice if you want to get contemporary elegance and finer quality from the dining table set. Whatever you select, always ensure that it fits the space and size of your dining room.

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